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What is there not to like about this animation?

The animation was crisp, smooth, consistent and definitely provides that atmosphere of Alien / Prometheus of horror / science fiction genre. The storyline was fantastic, precise, straight to the point but keeps you interested and on your toes. A great original science fiction animation that is worth the time watching. The voice acting (being a voice actor myself) great quality, real believable characters and the acting was just superb. I am just gutted I didn't hear auditions for this project. The music that was used was great choices. The sound design was brilliant and the use of SFX.

The ending was great. It leaves it open for a follow on and for fan fiction to take place. I'd love to be able to download this and watch it again and again.

I have to say that I was blown away by this superb animation. It proves that animations such as this and Castle etc work fantastically as an animation style. Specked, don't you DARE stop! This is a fantastic piece and please continue to make follow on/s. You are a fantastic animator I look forward to sequel.

Again, fantastic! Be proud of your work!

Many thanks,
James Leeper

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Specked responds:

This is one Godly review, I thank thy! Going on my wall.

It's okay...

It's a good try fr your first mate but need...
- Background Music
- SFX! (With all audio dramas as well as Flash Animations) There are plenty of sites that do free sound effects.
- A little bit short needs to be longer.

It has great potential! Good try man :)


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juanon90 responds:

thats my promblem im noob i dont fu@#&*ng know how to put background music and sfx if you can tell me thank very much ^^


I love your Batman animations. Especially as its based on the ealry 1990's animations which in my opinion were best.

Smooth animation could work on it a little more, could do with a few more sound effects. Music was really good from the 80's. Need more voice actors :)

But other than that very good animation.

Great job!


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Very wacky and snakey Game Amigo

This was really gd.

Graphics were brilliant. It kept me interested. Great job amigo. I can tell you put alot of hardwork into this. Gd work ;)

James Leeper


Excellent Pruly Excellent! How an earth do u create this game it WAS AWSOME!!!! but i couldn't get past the three dudes :( But it was great.

Maybe u should add more characters in another game look up more GIFS... maybe u could use MK and SF or MARVEL gifs that would be so cool.

Anyways GREAT JOB! 10 for the Review and 5 for the vote


jcbbjjttt responds:

Thank! This is actually just a prototype to see if I could actually make a game. I plan to make a super hero game with multiple super heros, moves, and enemies. I'll keep you posted!

If you have any more ideas let me know :-D

better but one problem

U ave put in ur movie as 'play game' than play movie just thought i should let u no

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Great piece! Very cinematic! I work for Gypsy Audio "A audio drama company" www.gypsyaudio.org I'm work on making audio drama and I know that this piece would be great for one of our shows to be in. You will be credited and we'll help you get noticed ;) Hope you don't mind? :D Let me know if you have any other requirements. We release for free and don't make any profit. I believe in fair credit for any work ;)

Again great job!

adaline responds:

I'm granting you full permission to use any of the tracks available on this site for any purposes related to your work for Gypsy Audio. I went ahead and took a look at your site and I must say, the work that y'all have put in is quite inspiring and very intriguing. Keep it up! I'll be letting a number of my friends know of your site. I think they'll love it, too.

Thank you so much for your kind words as well as the opportunity. :3

Smashing Theme!

One thing I would change is the opening sting. They are both completely different in style and type in music. Your music can stand alone without the need of Murray Gold my friend. Try your own sting. I love the guitar! A fantastic job! Great job! MORE!


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OrphenFire responds:

Thank you for both of the reviews! And for the suggestion. Maybe I will work on another version where I will be more liberal with the material :p

Now that is what I call a remix!

Great use of effects and instruments. Pace and tones are consistent to the whole Dr Who theme in general. The composer of the original would be pleased for sure. :)

Well done mate!

Look forward to more!

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